How it works: 1. Meet your Yoga Therapist live via Internet or live. Fill out an intake form 2. Your Goal and what you want to accomplish will determine the length and intensity of the program. 3. All sessions and lessons are structured followed with you taking care of yourself by practicing Body’, Mind and Breath (YOGA). 4. You will meet your Yoga Therapist at set intervals to assist you or make adjustments in your self-care program as you grow in awareness and your body,mind and breath balances. What’s next: You may continue your Yoga journey with online lessons of your choice. Achieve relaxation that helps maintain inner peace and a positive self-image. Yoga contributes to better physical, mental and emotional health. Some practitioners seek the spiritual benefits. Others seek the relaxation and stress relief it brings. Others practice it for specific health benefits. The choice is yours “Silvia”
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Yoga Therapy Programs tailored to your need Interactive Virtual or live Yoga Therapy session Online personal courses
Yoga Therapy: If you can breathe you can practice Yoga!  Yoga programs designed specifically for your need.  On Demand and/or Virtual Meetings including self-care programs
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